STE 102
MESA, AZ 85202

Composite Air Tank

$255.00 - $445.00
$255.00 - $445.00

This is it: The Original SquareTank. Take the core composite body air tank, pair it up with some square end caps made from billet aluminum and tie it all together with more billet connecting rods, and you've got a design that's both contemporary and minimalistic. Choose to either show off your air lines by mounting The Original SquareTank with the ports out, or flip it around to hide everything. No matter which choice you make, your tank will look amazing. The Original SquareTank is packed with options. You can customize your Original SquareTank however you like, from the size to the finishes. There are over 350 available combinations, with more on the way — and that's not including any custom decisions that you want to do on your own. This is a tank that's truly customizable, and that gives you a way to stand out from other setups. On the technical side, each of the side-specific billet end caps comes with six 3/8-inch NPT ports (three per side); two 1/8-inch NPT ports (one per side); and two 1/8-inch drain ports (one per side). That gives you a number of different plumbing options to work with, and provides plenty of flexibility for your setup. No matter which option you choose, The Original SquareTank is your best solution for a boring air suspension setup.

Composite Tube, Billet End Caps (L&R), Connecting Rods, Connecting Rod Hardware, Grade 8 Mounting Hardware & Plug Kit For All Ports

Dimension & Weights:
End Caps Are 6.3125" Square
3 Gallon Tank is 20" Overall Length, 16lbs Fully Assembled Weight
5 Gallon Tank is 30" Overall Length, 19lbs Fully Assembled Weight

Raw tubes are not UV protected. Raw tubes must be wrapped or painted before use.

Tanks with Raw tubes are shipped loosely assembled for customization and include everything needed for reassembly.

Tanks with Cerakote finished tubes are factory sealed & fully assembled.

Hydrostatic pressure tested and independent lab certified to a 200psi pressure rating.

This product is for show/off road use only